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- Two or more colors of kanekalon jumbo braid
- A sturdy comb for backcombing
- A tea kettle or steamer for sealing


  1. Choose two or more colors that you want blended together. In this tutorial I’m using equal parts dark purple, ocean blue, and lime green, but you can use as many or as few colors are you like, and they don’t all have to be in equal amounts.
  2. Layer the colors on top of each other. It doesn’t matter what order they’re in or which one is on top. Once they’re layered, split the bundle of hair in half. You should have a little bit of each color in each half.
  3. Layer one half on top of the other, then split again. Repeat until the hair looks like it’s got chunky highlights of each color — if you’re doing one dread at a time, 2-3 splits should be enough.  If you’re mixing enough hair for several dreads, you’ll need to do more splits.
  4. Backcomb your dread. I’m making a single-ended dread in the picture, but you can use this method for double-ended dreads as well.
  5. Twist your dread, then seal it with boiling water or steam. And you’re done! :)

The dreads in the last three pictures were made using this method.

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